Point of Care Decision Support

Point of Care Anticoagulation (AC) Software Demonstration Highlight Video.

Will meet the Joint Commission anticoagulation therapy performance requirements effective July 1, 2019. 

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Point of Care Anticoagulation

Anticoagulation (AC)

Point of Care AC provides robust, evidence-based clinical decision support while offering clinicians longitudinal history of anticoagulation care.
The software provides seamless management of both Coumadin/Warfarin patients as well as non-vitamin K antagonist Oral Anticoagulant (NOAC) patients including interactions and transitions data.

Our MyAC mobile app provides connection with patients offering written protocols/regimens that helps keep them compliant in their care. 

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Point of Care Asthma provides fast, intuitive administrative and clinical decision support for assessing asthma severity or asthma control. Evidence-based guidelines help select the treatment plan and medications.

Meets Joint Commission requirements by collecting necessary patient information and producing a one page, well formed and tested Asthma Action Plan.

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Dynamic Decision Support Platform

Dynamic Decision Support Platform

The Dynamic Decision Support Platform is the foundation of PCDS.  Targeting long-term chronic disease care, each modality focuses on “total patient health risk reduction”.

As patient care protocols continue to evolve, so does Point of Care Decision Support.  Real-time intelligence is the base of the platform taking evidence-based rules, merging with patient data, constructing a personalized patient point of care therapy program.