Intuitive Features

Workflow, Analytics, Interoperability and Real Time Intelligence all in one application
Classify Severity

Guideline Adherence

Adheres to NAEPP EPR 3 Guidelines

Teach guidelines during use

Reduce complexity



Severity & Control

Systematic tests to classify Severity

Assess Control with one click tools

Integrated ACT (adult & pediatric)




Launch from EHR patient chart

No double entry! Pulls data from EHR

Push encounter note back to EHR

Remove complexity of algorithms at the Point of Care

Asthma Choose Quick Relievers


Implement quality improvement for Asthma registry

✔️Organize guidelines into workflows for consistent protocols
✔️Access to metrics allow for reliable treatment research 
✔️Reduce double entry and maximize provider's time  





Intuitive clinical and administrative support

✔️Reference pertinent guidelines as needed on every encounter
✔️Automatically generate patient asthma progress with medications
✔️Asthma workflow meets all Joint Commission & MIPS requirements
✔️Patient applications to assist in treatment plans
Asthma Guideline Ref