Point of Care Decision Support

Point of Care Decision Support Dynamic Decision Support Platform

PCDS believes that the complexity of patient care can be captured in a clear and meaningful way, enabling informed decision-making throughout the coordination and management of care.

We believe that connecting the point of care team with actionable information promotes patient engagement, analytic approaches to best practices, and system-supported collaborative efforts that are vital to patient safety, ambulatory service and value across diverse health systems.

The Dynamic Decision Support Platform is the foundation of PCDS.  Targeting long-term chronic disease care, each modality focuses on “total patient health risk reduction”.

As patient care protocols continue to evolve, so does Point of Care Decision Support.  Real-time intelligence is the base of the platform taking evidence-based rules, merging with patient data, constructing a personalized patient point of care therapy program.

The intelligence platform also provides outcomes analytics that can easily be shared with other clinicians, departments, clinics or network. Consistency across every application meets stringent meaningful use guidelines including stage 1 (data capture and sharing), stage 2 (advanced clinical processes) and stage 3 (improved outcomes).

The engine of the Dynamic Decision Support Platform begins with the “risk rules” based on subject matter experts and national industry regulations. Workflow rules transforms that data into a treatment plan which can easily be shared between the clinician and patient through notifications.  You can also provide documentation to educate the patient on the specifics of his/her treatment and disease.

A crucial level of the platform includes the 2-way exchange and interoperability with all major electronic health record (EHR) systems.  The platform easily integrates new technology with existing investments reducing implementation and operating costs.  This includes scheduling, lab integration and integrated diagnosis and procedures billing codes for accurate billing documentation.

Return on investment include: increased revenue, reduced hard costs, enhanced billing with less days outstanding, reduced chart pulls and reduced labor costs to name a few.

At Point of Care Decision Support, reducing overall patient health risk is a priority!  The foundation of our success starts with the Dynamic Decision Support Platform.  Contact our client solutions team for more information on our products and services.