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Integration and Implementation

Regulations and Requirements



I don’t have time to spend on a computer entering patient data. What is the average time it takes to enter the information required for each patient?

FAST! Our goal is for a provider to understand a patient’s history in ~ 60 seconds and to be able to complete the data entry for a follow-up encounter within 60 seconds. The less time a provider spends in front of a computer screen, the more time the provider can spend connecting face-to-face with the patient.

What clinical management and guidelines are used to facilitate the development and clinical decision support?

All clinical decision support solutions from Point of Care adhere to Joint Commission Standards by collecting necessary patient information and producing a well formed and tested treatment action plan. The underlying clinical content for Point of Care Asthma™ is based upon guidelines released in 2007 by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP EPR-3). The underlying clinical content for Point of Care AC™ is based on the ACCP Antithrombotic Guidelines 9th edition.

Does Point of Care solutions provide an electronic healthcare management plan?

All Point of Care solutions provide a patient management plan that can be printed, emailed or sent to a patient’s mobile once the patient visit is complete. Medical professionals can print or save the plan within the patient electronic chart.

Does Point of Care solutions provide customized reporting?

Point of Care solutions are designed from the ground up with data collection and detailed reporting at its core. Our goal is to drive meaningful use reporting naturally through easy-to-use decision support tools for providers at the point of care. Every movement within the app is captured and all data is utilized to extract deep intelligent reporting for quality improvement.

Integration and Implementation

Will Point of Care solutions work together with an electronic medical records (EMR) system?

Yes. All Point of Care Decision Support solutions are able to integrate with most EMR systems on the market. Our solutions have a flexible plug-n-play interface that will ensure a smooth connection to whichever EMR system your organization uses.

Will Point of Care solutions work without an electronic medical records (EMR) system?

Yes. Point of Care solutions can be used with or without an EMR. When using without an EMR, the patient information will need to be manually entered at the first encounter. Once a patient record has been entered into the program, the patient data will remain in the database for quick retrieval upon subsequent visits. Point of Care solutions can also be used in hybrid mode where multiple EMR vendors and standalone (non-EMR) users can connect into one platform. Large health systems with various EMR scenarios benefit the most from our hybrid mode technology.

Can Point of Care solutions automatically receive data from an EMR system?

Yes, we go to great lengths to prevent duplicate data entry, which means data is pulled from your EMR and kept as the “source of truth” when the performing decision support algorithms. The data that is pulled over includes the following (when necessary): • currently logged in user • provider information • patient history, vitals, demographics, etc. • problem list • labs • procedures • medications • and more where applicable.

Will Point of Care solutions send data back into an EMR system?

Yes. Our solutions come bundled with HL7 interfaces that plug-in to your EMR system to push back results, links to documents, notes, and more. For example, Point of Care Decision Support is an Allscripts Developer Partner and fully integrates with the Unity Framework for instant deep integration. See the Allscripts App Store for Point of Care Decision Support apps.

What is required to install and implement Point of Care solutions?

Point of Care solutions offers secure HIPAA compliant cloud-based services for immediate benefit to your organization. Alternatively, Point of Care solutions can be installed within your health system network within a standard virtual machine environment with common memory and hardware requirements. Point of Care technicians will provide certified installation and support for a fast and seamless set up.

Regulations and Requirements

Data security and HIPAA requirements are paramount within our organization. How is that implemented in Point of Care solutions?

Point of Care takes HIPAA law very seriously. The software solutions that Point of Care provides are vetted by third party security firms and certified HIPAA compliant. All data transfers are encrypted using HIPAA compliant encrypted transfer algorithms. All patient identifying information is stored encrypted within the database using the required HIPAA data encryption algorithms. Also, for those using our cloud service, our HIPAA compliant cloud services are inspected daily by a third-party security firm specializing in HIPAA hosting requirements. Our promise to all of our customers is complete security and compliance with HIPAA law and patient privacy

Do Point of Care solutions undergo any certifications?

Yes, Point of Care is pre-validated with Minnesota Community Measurement, is currently undergoing CCHIT 2014 Modular EHR certification, and is a certified Allscripts Developer Partner.