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Point of Care Decision Support PCDS AC Helps Reduce Hospital Re-Admits


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Point of Care Decision Support Anticoagulation Software Helps Reduce Hospital Re-Admissions

Software is designed and developed in association with national patient safety
guidelines to reduce adverse events and re-admissions.


St. Paul, MN. (February 24, 2015) Point of Care Anticoagulation software (PCDS AC) optimizes delivery of anticoagulation drugs and reduces adverse events associated with anticoagulation therapy.  The software was designed and developed in collaboration with leading clinical thrombosis experts, and is a decision support tool that takes the complexity out of AC management by providing a real-time AC dashboard.  With intuitive, predictive clinical decision support, PCDS AC transforms evidence-based guidelines into intelligent tools that measure and improve AC therapy outcomes.  


Meeting the key recommendations of The Joint Commission, CMS and the Anticoagulation EHR Task Force, PCDS AC is positioned to be the leading AC therapy decision support tool now and well into the future.  Healthcare professionals find the software to be especially valuable in light of new TSOAC drugs coming onto the market, changing AC therapy protocols, and more stringent regulatory guidelines.


“The management of oral anticoagulation therapy, especially with Vitamin K antagonist therapy such as Warfarin, continues to be the number one cause of adverse drug events requiring hospitalization,” said Tim Michalski, President of PCDS.  “With this in mind, we have developed a system that incorporates high-risk auto identification which uses the most validated thrombosis and bleeding risk scores.”


Key benefits and outcomes of using PCDS AC include:


Patient Safety & Cost Savings: Warfarin-related adverse drug events (MIs, strokes, major bleeds, etc.) are reduced by consistently achieving time-in-therapeutic range (TTR) above 70% per CMS recommendations.


Patient Safety & Revenue Generation: The PCDS AC system brings together the ACCP Antithrombotic guidelines, risk ratings like CHA2DS2-VASc, HAS-BLED, HEMORR2HAGES, drug-drug interactions, and other evidence-based research to automatically identify high risk patients and manage their AC care end-to-end.  This also provides an opportunity to identify new patients who may benefit from proactive AC therapy and reduce their overall risk of stroke.


Patient Satisfaction: The PCDS AC system is currently the only AC system that incorporates full target specific oral anticoagulants (TSOAC) therapy and workflow, which allow for expanded paradigms of anticoagulant management.  These new TSOAC agents require far less blood testing, which is a major benefit for patients.  In addition, the system provides valuable data on the efficacy of TSOACs, leading to improved patient care and, ultimately, cost savings surrounding adverse events.


Fulfill CMS Meaningful Use Stages 2 & 3: Provides ability to fulfill CMS MU-2 criteria for quality of Warfarin dosing at a system level with TTR > 70%.  Achieves MU-3 measures by improving population health, provides decision support for high priority health conditions, and provides patient self-management tools via our mobile patient engagement application.


Point of Care Decision Support provides any healthcare organization a FREE, customized demonstration and business case report for its anticoagulant patient population.  Click here to schedule a convenient time for you and your staff.


Point of Care Decision Support, LLC (PCDS) is a healthcare software company that transforms evidence-based guidelines into intelligent tools for the point of care.  With its Dynamic Decision Support Platform as the core anchor, PCDS builds intuitive healthcare tools that measure and improve the quality of patient care, provide real-time data and analysis, and have a meaningful and measurable return on investment.  This provides consistency across every application available, helping patients and their healthcare providers manage chronic disease conditions.  Interoperable with all major EMR/EHR systems, the Dynamic Decision Support platform easily integrates new technology with existing investments, reducing implementation and operating costs.  PCDS customers are able to more easily innovate and evolve with the changing needs of the business at a lower cost.  Visit www.ptofcare.com to learn more about their anticoagulation (AC), asthma and other chronic disease applications in their solutions library.