Point of Care Decision Support bridges the gap between clinical need and technology limitations

Our FHIR API features increase project satisfaction and minimize investment to successfully attain your goal.

Connect Data

Capitalize on the power of data.  Our FHIR API is designed to accelerate the connectivity of various systems to integrate and provide interoperable tools that rapidly turn data into meaningful and actionable workflows.


Custom Reports

Give information a purpose.  Researchers can easily share information in relevant and actionable workflows.  Dynamically query relevant information can be securely integrated and analyzed. 


Proven Platforms

PCDS API has been used in clinical settings for over 10 years.  Our platform is flexible enough to meet a wide variety of uses in the healthcare ecosystem yet still deliver clinical decision support.


Return on Investment

Minimize the substantial investment in technology infrastructure.  Adapt tools used in the most complex treatments of chronic care without having to invest critical time in system architecture.   


Fast User Adoption

Intuitive tools allow for easy clinical adoption and effective use.  Relevant information, clean workflows and measurable tools make the platform a valuable contributor to every day tasks. 


Clinical Decision Support

Integrate guidelines into work processes to be used effectively in every clinical setting. Visualize data to quickly identify patterns that may otherwise be hard to see.

Accelerate Standards of Care

transform your data into action for a fraction of the cost
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