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The Point of Care Asthma™ provides fast, intuitive administrative and clinical decision support for assessing asthma severity (patients not being treated for asthma) or asthma control (patients receiving treatment for asthma), selecting treatment plans and medications, and producing a patient-specific, one-page asthma management plan. All recommendations are based on the Expert Panel Report (released August 2007) of the National Asthma Prevention and Education Program (NAEPP-3).

Clinical Decision Support
Through a short series of intuitive screens, the Point of Care Asthma™helps the clinician:

  • Assess asthma severity (for patients not currently being treated) or control (for patients who are being treated)
  • Determine most appropriate step (e.g. the level of therapeutic aggressiveness) to initiate therapy or to modify therapy
  • Select a guideline-recommended treatment plan for that step
  • Select medications to be used for daily control, for that treatment plan
  • Select medications to be used for quick relief
  • Select oral corticosteroids to be used in case of exacerbations
  • Determine time until next visit.

Administrative support
Point of Care Asthma™ is a time-saver!  It automatically generates documents:

For the clinician:

  1. A template for an asthma visit progress note, that can be copied and pasted into other documents
  2. A list of the medications selected, along with instructions for use, for easy ordering

For the patient:

  1. A one-page, color, asthma action plan, with images, phrases and words tested for comprehension by patients with limited literacy.  The AAP is currently available in both English and Spanish.
  2. A list of suggestions for avoiding asthma triggers.  Available in both English and Spanish.
  3. A template for a consent form to be shared with a child’s school, day care provider, or other authorized agent, giving permission for the child to carry and use medications outside the home.

The written asthma management plan produced by Point of Care Asthma™ meets all Joint Commission requirements for inpatient pediatric admissions
for asthma.

Written Action Plan (AAP)
Point of Care Asthma™ automatically produces a written asthma action plan for the patient/family.  Features include:

  • English and Spanish
  • Meets all Joint Commission requirements
  • Tested for comprehension by patients with limited literacy skills
  • One page, color, images
  • Instructions for green, yellow and red zones
  • Followup appointment information
  • For children, includes parent/caregiver consent

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Reduce Risks and Costs

At Point of Care Decision Support, reducing overall patient health risk is a priority! The system starts with our Dynamic Decision Support Platform.

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